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Why Uffdata For My Dashboard?

Proprietary Connections

Ahrefs, Intercom, AWS, Buffer, Moz, Shopify,
Desk.com, MailChimp, Hubspot, Instagram, QuickBooks, Stripe, and many, many more. Report on everything.

Standard Connections

SQL, noSQL, FTP, email attachments, API, RSS feeds, XMLA, and even flat file uploads- if you have data, Uffdata can convert it to insights.


Unlimited users, widgets, and data sources. Employees, clients, whomever you choose - with the permissions you choose. Email reporting, too!

Did We Mention Unlimited?

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A dashboard for everyone. Seriously. All of your employees, all of your clients. With permission control on a per widget basis, you can share the same dashboard with different users, allowing them to only see the information they should have access to. That's company reporting, controlled.

Our Pricing Options

One Dashboard

Unlimited users

Unlimited widgets

Unlimited data sources

Refresh every 60 seconds


Three Dashboards

Unlimited users

Unlimited widgets

Unlimited data sources

Refresh every 60 seconds

Additional dashboards only $10/mo each


"Uffdata was an invaluable asset in searching for data archived from a prior system. The tool was able to cut through a ten gigabyte Microsft SQL backup with ease, giving employees the ability to find the data they needed in seconds." --Tony Maldonado, Southern Airways

Embedded Widgets

Here are some examples of what embedded widgets can look like on your site.

Connect... Everything

Sure, we have over 300 data integrations - but maybe we don't have your favorite app? No problem. With Uffdata's ability to connect to any REST API you can pull data from pretty much anywhere.

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Don't see an integration you need? You can always use the custom API to connect to just about any app - we'll even put together instructions for you! Just go to integrations.uffdata.com to request your favorites.

Who is Klipfolio?


Klipfolio provides the software that powers Uffdata. This allows Uffdata to focus on creating more custom connections, while Klipfolio focuses on keeping our dashboards on the cutting edge of today's technology.

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